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Are you a church, camp, or organization that’s looking for amazing Christian drama scripts? We can help! 2020 is the year of the online live streaming revolution. Because of the corona virus, a brand new audience has learned how to tune in online to your church program, opening an exciting new field of outreach. Imagine a person who may feel too intimidated or shy to physically enter a church building for various personal reasons but is more comfortable to view online. Imagine being able to live stream not just on Sunday morning but having various programs during the week aimed at the online community. Imagine performing entertaining and scripture-based Christian dramas as part of your online program that can be broadcast during the weekdays. The more content, the more engagement.

Online programs are here to stay. In fact, they will only grow in the future. TV programing such as new programs on Netflix, Hulu, and even Disney have greatly degenerated and openly push the LGBT agenda as well as other worldly content. The time has come to replace this with entertaining family-friendly Christian content and your church can do its part. As your church builds its online channels, please consider our dramas, musicals and re-enactment scripts that feature Christian and Scripture based content as well as amazing songs for your performances.

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“Playing Peter was very fulfilling and I felt that it was coincidental that Peter and I have a lot in common. When I think of Peter cutting off the ear of the soldier, I feel he wanted to protect Jesus…”

Dan Lemkuhl, as Simon Peter

“During the washing of the disciples’ feet, Jason as Jesus washed my feet which showed me a new depth of Christ’s love. It’s an experience that will stick with me for a lifetime…”

Roddy McIvor, as Judas Iscariot

“I experienced an even deeper understanding of the beauty and purity of the village woman’s love and gratitude for Jesus when pouring out the precious spikenard essential oil on His head.”

Beth Fox, as the Village Woman

“It’s one thing to read Scripture in the quietness of personal study time, but adding the emotions of stage acting allowed me to acquire a deeper connection and passion that has become permanently ingrained in me.”

Mark Farber, played Luke

“The part that meant the most to me was the foot washing. As Jesus washed our feet, I felt what the disciples must have felt when they were getting their feet washed. It was a surreal experience.”

Andrew Farber, played Andrew

“In DAYS OF PASSION, I felt a deeper and more intimate connection with Father and then able to experience and walk with Jesus in His footsteps. It was not acting, but Christ who lives in me.”

Jason Kenyon, played Jesus

I’ve always had such a deep connection with Mary Magdalene in the scriptures and  this role deeply moved my heart. What a beautiful experience it was to portray Mary and her great love for her Lord. 

Cristol Falcon


Hear from some the cast members of Days of Passion!

Andrew Farber as James

ANDREW, born in Dayton, Ohio, on 9/11/2001, was a high school Junior when playing the role of JAMES in DAYS OF PASSION. Cross-Country and Track have been his [...]

Mark Farber as Luke

MARK FARBER was born in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, where he was raised in the small town of Bowmanstown, PA, being a part of the Lutheran Church. MARK accepted Christ as [...]

Roddy McIvor as Judas

RODDY was born in Oklahoma City, OK, and has served as Youth Pastor in the Abundant Life Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee since 2011. RODDY has a heart for [...]

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