RODDY was born in Oklahoma City, OK, and has served as Youth Pastor in the Abundant Life Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee since 2011.

RODDY has a heart for missions both here in the States and abroad having served in 20 countries. Other ministries have included traveling with Life Choices Presents for six years telling Rachel Joy Scott’s story. His heart is about making sure that everyone he comes in contact with knows about JESUS as well as the importance of making disciples.

“Jo Apple had asked me to take a role in DAYS OF PASSION, and we met to discuss the drama. I had so much going on already, and memorizing lines seemed hard for me if the role was too involved.
But, as I prayed more into it I knew that JUDAS was a part that needed to be filled—it would be a strength and that was not surprising to me.

“I was caught up in my spirit the moment that Jo mentioned that God wanted me to take the role of JUDAS, and I wanted it to be my thinking. My life could have been JUDAS, my life could have been PETER. In studying my life, could I deny or betray?

“JESUS’ words: ‘If you follow me, you are going to suffer. You will be persecuted.’”

“The APOSTLE PAUL talked about this:
‘If you decide to be a follower of Christ, they hated Him so they will hate you,’”

“It became real in my line that JUDAS said:
‘This expensive oil could have been sold and given to the poor.’
Putting myself in that scene was very meaningful. as we are selfish. JESUS rebuked me in that scene. The Lord rebukes those He loves.

“During the washing of the Disciples’ feet, Jason as JESUS washed my feet which showed me a new depth of Christ’s love.”